Rug Washer

Automatic Rug Washer


Full Automatic Rug Washing Machines

Our fully automated rug cleaning machines work using a conveyor belt system.

After option soaking, pre-dusted rugs will enter the auto rug washer from front and face up and while going through the machine, it will go through the following step by step process:

  1. Applied detergent
  2. Agitated with 8 -12 brushes
  3. Squeegeed and rinsed
  4. Applied neutralizer (acetic acid)
  5. With 2 lateral brushes (one in front and one at back) any debris /pet hair etc left from pre-dusting will be removed
  6. Vacuumed and rolled



  • Cut down on labor drastically: you can wash approximately 8000 sq.ft of synthetic fiber rugs and 5000 sq.ft of natural fiber rugs
  • It will save electricity, water and chemicals:
    * it takes on average 3 minutes to wash average 60 sq.ft synthetic fiber rug
          **Also fine tuning the chemicals with a conveyor belt system you can move back/forward and stop if there are problem areas that you need to attend.
  • You will eliminate the possibility of human error 
  • All this process is fine tuned by our touch screen conveniently located at the front of the machine with water and detergent control valves next to it.

(other optional additional rinse and squeegee options are available upon request)