Automatic Sweeper

Rug Sweeper
Automatic Rug Sweeper

Automatic Rug Sweeping & Packaging Machine

This machine can be used as a multipurpose rug vacuum Pre-wash: With an extremely powerful vacuum system (Appx.2400CFM) it will extract unwanted solids such as dust, dirt, hair etc. from the rug. Post-wash: After the wash is done, this machine will remove the remaining particles that may not come off easily- such as pet hair- from the rug. Thanks to this machine, you can have final quality control, pile lifting with 2400 CFM vacuum, deodorizing and packaging for washed and dried carpets. Quality control is the one of the most important stages of carpet cleaning, in some rugs, excessive stains may re-appear after drying. If these carpets are not subjected to final inspection, they may cause an embarrassment and negative reviews to your company. This machine, with adjustable band speed and forward/backward ability, will allow you to work on the rug at an adequate pace.

Automatic Rug Sweeper

Why RCM Carpet sweeping & packaging machine?

This machine works with a conveyor belt system. Robust chassis and strength band suitable for a long working period, it was produced with great strength. Thanks to the user-friendly control panel for comfortable operation, you can operate this machine with a single worker. With this machine, you can easily prepare & pack 2000 Sq. Ft of carpets in one hour. 220 V / 3 Phase or 380 V / 3 Phase options Easy to use and maintain. All our machines are guaranteed for 2 years.

Automatic Rug Sweeper

Machine Comes With:

LED lighting:  For stains and imperfections on the carpet that are easier to see with more lighting, LED lighting will allow the operator to quickly detect these stains and take care of them. Powerful Vacuum:  4 circular brushes rotating at 1500 RPM per minute provides a 2400CFM of lifting to pull out any remaining obstacles and lifting the pile for great and fresh presentation. Cylindrical-Brush: Cylindrical brush underneath the rug gently removes the remaining obstacles like pet hair etc. from the backing.