Commercial Rug Washing Machines

We are a Houston, TX based company and we provide a full line of equipment for rug cleaning businesses including rug cleaning machines like: Rug centrifuges/wringers, Rug dusters, Automatic Rug Sweepers and Automatic Rug Washers. We can custom make any of our machines in customer’s specifications and needs. All our machines come with 2 years limited warranty. We also provide repair service for all our equipment in case of need. You can visit our Showroom/Rug Spa in Houston with prescheduled appointments to see our machines and test them anytime.

  Rug Centrifuges/Wringers

   Beginner or advance any rug cleaning facility MUST HAVE one of this centrifuge/Wringer machines to save on ENERGY and LABOR also avoid possible problems of:

  • Browning
  • Bleeding
  • Fringe problems
  • Odor Problems

  Rug Dusting Machine

   As we all know, removing the solids from the rug is the most important part of rug cleaning to save on labor and chemicals. When you think about it removing, 2-4 lbs of dust on average size rug makes your job lot easier on next steps.  Because of that, we just built the best machine to do that, easily and effortlessly. 

Automatic Rug Washer

  Automatic Rug Washers

   Are you tired of paying too much for labor, water, electricity and water? Then you are in right place.  We can offer up to 75% savings on above expenses with our Automatic Rug Washing machine. Because every rug is not made it equal, you have to adjust according to particular rug that you have.  Our touch screen control allows you to fine tune everything from band speed to direction and brush pressure up to 50 different kinds of adjustments.


Automatic Rug Sweeper & Finisher

   One of the most important steps in customer service industry is finishing up. Our Automatic Rug Duster and finisher do just that. With very strong vacuum  It removes the left over pet hairs while lifting up the pile, it gives you access to full rug surface to be able to do the final finishes with speed and back/forward band control and pressure control is adjusted according to rug pile. At final stage it rolls up the rug for you to just bag it and make it ready for delivery.