Rug Duster


Rug Dusting Machine:

As we all know, vacuuming and removing solids from the rug/carpet is the most important part of rug/carpet cleaning. Because of that, we just built the best machine to do that, easily and effortlessly. This heavy-duty machine can be used for removing foreign matters like yarn fragments, house mites, dusts and dirt in the pile before washing. You can accelerate the washing process by 50-80 % or more and save money on labor and chemicals. The rug enters the machine upside down and then is beat upward by mechanical arms from the rear surface at 1200 strokes per minute and 600 strokes per minute from the front surface. The vacuum unit, which has high suction power, transfers the dust of the stainless beater to the dust bag. thanks to the strong air flow. At the end of this process the rug is ready for washing, making the process easier and with great results.

Why RCM Rug Dusting Machines?

 With this machine you can easily remove dust from 20000 + Sq. Ft. of rugs in an 8 hour workday. Rug Dusting Machines work with a conveyor belt system. The rug enters the machine on front side and gets out from the back, and are then beaded and moved by belts and 4 mechanical arms.The released dust is collected in the vacuum bag. Robust chassis and strength band suitable for long working periods, it was produced with great strength. The user-friendly control panel means comfort operation for you. Easy to use and maintain. All our machines are guaranteed for 2 years.